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What We Do!


Rescueing horses has been a top priority of Krchelle & Lindsay before KCL Equine Haven was even thought of. Krchelle has had experiance rescueing numerous horses over the past 6+ years, bringing them back to health & finding them their 'forever home'; besides training horses Krchelle's focus was always on saving them. Lindsay was never able to rescue numerous horses at a time, but whenever she was in the market to buy herself a new horse she always found the one that needed a home; almost all of her horses have been rescues.

Now that KCL Equine Haven is here we rescue every horse that we can; even if it's just one at a time it's one more out of a home that was starving, neglecting or beating them. We can't always rescue every horse but we rescue every one that we possibly can. Even one makes a difference.

WANT TO HELP US BE ABLE TO SAVE EVEN MORE HORSES? We do not take money donations but we take donations in the form of tack, feed, hay and vet supplies. You will also get a mention on the site along with your donation(s).


Be the first one to help us save these beautiful animals!  Go to our contact page and drop us an email to find out how you can help us help them!