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In Loving Memory...

2010 - 2012

Cowboy was a wonderful stallion, as sweet as they came & extremelly well mannered. It would have been a rare moment to ever catch him even talking to a mare. He was laid back; while the rest of the horses may be running around bucking & kicking you'd find him standing somewhere in the shade snoozing & just taking it easy. Everyone at KLC has taken it hard losing this wonderful boy to colic, just remember baby boy, you'll always be in our hearts, we love you!

DESDEMONA (aka Dessi)

Dessi was a captured mustang, she was captured 15 years ago from the wild and turned out as a pasture pet. She never really had much human contact at all and was already set in her ways by the time we got her. We were working on gentling her, when we first got her she wouldn't let anyone within 10-15 feet of her. She got to where she'd let us walk up to her but she still wouldn't let anyone touch her. She got down and we couldn't get her up no matter how hard we tried, the vet came out there and said she was perfectly healthy, but after checking her teeth he said she was about 42-46 years old and that was the only thing wrong with her. We didn't have you long Dessi, but we loved the time we did have with you!


Thunder Ted, son of Kentucky Derby winner Thunder Gultch, was an extremelly well mannered stallion, never got excited around a mare, extremelly bombproof. He was never raced due to injury but he was shown in local western pleasure classes and placed well. He was an amazing stallion & will never be forgotten.