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**whoever said you can't buy happiness didn't know where to buy a horse.**

Strawberry is a gorgeous appaloosa mare, she has excellant ground manners. She is  broke to ride (bomb proof, traffic safe, great on trails just a tad bit on the slow side), will load, stand for farrier, etc... she is child proof and kid broke      

Heart Search Reg. TB mare not broke but will make a great hunter jumper or westeren pleasure mare.$1200 firm


Jazzy Sundee line back dun mare  great grand daughter of Dual Pep and Hollywood Dun It  built like a tank child proof but can also please an adult too has some get up and go $3500 firm http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jazzy+sundee

Gather ex-race horse started riding on trails great boy will make a great barrel horse or a jumper. $1500 firm





2011 Tennessee Walking Horse x Quarter Horse filly

Sassy is a 16 month old filly who is very sweet but wasn't given the start she needed in life. She wasn't handled until we got her but within 24 hours of her being with us we had a halter on her and were able to pick up her feet. She's very smart and learns fast, and not only that but she WANTS to learn. It's not going to take much at all to bring this filly around and by the time she's ready to be trained for riding you'll have a 'pocket pony' for sure. 


2010 Quarter Horse stud colt

Cricket is a 15 month old sorrel Quarter Horse stud colt. We just recently got him, and we've been teaching him some much needed manners. He's a very attention seeking boy, his only flaw is no one taught him to respect anyone. He's already came a long way since we've had him here and he's learning the ropes already and you can see improvement with him on a daily basis.


$300 ($500 w/foal)
$400 ($600 w/foal)

2003 Grade Pony mare

Molly is an amazing little riding pony, we're not sure of the breed but we think she may have some hackney and shetland pony in her. Any kid that can sit in a saddle & knows which way to pull/kick to go can ride this mare. She'd be perfect for a child that wants a pony that will go anywhere and do anything, she's amazing on trails. Can be a little hard for an adult to catch without feed, but just about any kid can go out in the field and catch her. THIS MARE IS BRED TO OUR REGISTERED CREMELLO QUARTER HORSE (double dilute cream) & we want the foal back once it is of age, if you wish to keep the foal she will be an extra $200.


$500 ($800 w/foal)
$800 ($1,000 w/foal)
2002 Haflinger Cross mare

Goldie is a 10 year old Haflinger cross mare. She's extremelly sweet, calm & quiet. When we first got her she was very hard to catch but after a couple months with us you can now walk up to her anywhere in the field and catch her with no problems at all. She's dead broke and quiet, she'd be the perfect mare for children. She is perfect for a pleasure horse just to ride around on the farm, however she has tender feet so if you plan on trail riding her, and she trail rides really well, or riding her on hard ground she will need shoes. They don't get any sweeter then her though. THIS MARE IS BRED TO OUR REGISTERED CREMELLO QUARTER HORSE (double dilute cream) & we want the foal back once it is of age, if you wish to keep the foal she will be an extra $300.  

$800/trade SOLD
1996 Tennessee Walking Horse x Quarter Horse gelding

Dusty is an enormous teddy bear. He's around 15 years old and 15.2hh, he's a Tennesee Walking Horse x Quarter Horse gelding. He's dead broke and as calm and sweet as they get, anyone that can sit in a saddle can ride him. And not to mention he's as smooth as they come! Even at a trot your butt never leaves his back, and he's got the best slow trot of any horse I've ever rode. He's even easy to catch, since he walks right to you, even on his 'bad' days to catch he won't run from you he just makes you come to him. He loves attention and loves to be brushed. I've only had him for a few months and I'm already bad attached to him. He was trailrode all over Kentucky, Tennessee, a couple places in North Carolina, Missippi, and a few other place for years by a young boy (around 10-13) before I purchased him. He wasn't rode for 2 years before I got him and the day I got him I was riding him around bareback with nothing but a halter and leadrope and the only vice he had was being a little stubborn about turning. Now he does perfectly fine, and I still ride him the same way (as he's the largest horse I've ever owned and my 32 inch girth won't fit him and my biggest bridle is 2 nothces too small for him (I usually own 13-14.2 hand horses)). He's perfect. I had purchased him for my little sister & to give riding lessons on, but she just isn't interested in riding and I'd rather see him be more than just a school horse. He deserves a home with someone where he will be somebody's horse not a school horse and I don't have the time for another horse of my own at the moment, but it took a lot for me to decide to sell him he grows on you bad. I've never seen him spook at anything not even traffic, he's queit and sweet, he gets along great with other horses. He's a big ole baby. My price on him is firm, as far as I'm concerned he's worth a lot more than that. I may be interested in trading for another horse or for hay, possibly some tack just let me know what you got.

$1,500 SOLD
2010 Tennessee Walking Horse mare 

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Brook is an amazing mare with amazing bloodlines to go with her. She's only 2 and therefor still in training but she is doing extremelly well. We've only had her for a couple weeks and we've rode her with & without a saddle as well as with a bridle & hackamore. We rode her around the night we bought her bareback with just a halter. She's only had a few rides on her so far but we've been riding her just about every day she's been with us and she is learning fast! Her ground manners are incredible, she'll do anything you ask of her and is safe to have around kids; my [Lindsay] 2 year old runs all round her, between her legs, & pulls on her tail and she never moves a muscle as long as a child is near her and she keeps an eye on them wherever they go. Under saddle she is doing great, so far she's been 100% road safe (cars, vans, trucks, motor cycles, etc... have all went past her fast & slow while riding on the road and she hasn't so much as flinched at them). She is green broke and still has a few kinks to work out of her but she's coming along fast. She does great on trails & has an amazingly smooth & natural gait to her. One day soon she'll make a great show horse and givena  little more time & training she will turn out to be a great children's horse as well.

$200 SOLD
2002 Hackney Pony Gelding

Congratulations to the Doty family for giving Chevy the wonderful, loving home he needed and deserves!

Chevy is a 10 year old Hackney Pony gelding, he is not registered. If your wanting a pony with a lot of spunk and get up & go to him Chevy is the perfect pony for you. He's very flighty and I believe he could out-trot any horse any day just about. He places his feet very precise and very beautifully. He is skittish and needs a lot of desensitizing work done with him due to being mistreated at his last home before we rescued him. He absolutely loves attention and loves to be brushed. He is broke to ride, although he will not ride with a saddle, & is broke to drive, but he is NOT a childs pony.

$1000 SOLD
1993 Tennessee Walking Horse gelding

Congratulations to Mike Steelers!

Pushers Bone Bag, or Bones, is a 1993 gorgeous grey & white tobiano registered walking horse gelding. They don't get any gentler then this boy right here! He'd make a wonderful trail, pleasure, or kids horse. If you want a boy that'll rack all day long you need this horse.

$1000 SOLD
2001 Quarter Horse gelding

Congratulations to Yvette & Johnny Doan!

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Bows Sliver Spike, or Bow, has a one of a kind personality. He is the 'class clown' of the herd who will do anything just to make you laugh. He's a very special horse as he has saved 3 peoples lives. As if his package wasn't already good enough he has 7 team pening points on him. Why not bring him home.


$175 SOLD
2007 Jerusalem Donkey jack

Congratulations to Jim & Brenda Karism!

Sonny is a sweet natured, spoiled Jerusalem jack. He's the one that's fighting the rest of the horses off so he can be the center of attention.

$1500 SOLD & $1000 SOLD
2010 American Paint Horse colt & 2010 Quarter Horse Colt

Sold at Western Kentucky Horse Sales!

Charms Dam: Click

Kings Dam: Click

Charm & Kings Sire:  Click

Charm & King are young colts with laid back, easy going attitutudes with smarts to boot. If your looking for a prospect that could do anything & everything, it'd be one of these two boys!

$600 SOLD
2005 Arapaloosa mare

Sold in Sonora, KY!

Cheyanne is a very spirited shown barrel mare. She doesn't have any points, was only shown locally. Won 6 ribbons & 2 trophys on this mare, she has the speed to hit it big but she needs a dominant rider. She's very flashy, spirited & fast. Dangerously fast. If you can handle her high-strung attitude though you would have a hell of mare to win on!

$3,500 SOLD
2002 Quarter Horse Mare Mule

Congratulations to Timothy J Stenger on his purchase of Rosie, we'll miss you so much baby girl!

Rosie is a 10 year old Quarter Horse Mule. If your looking for a mule that can do it all then Rosie is the pefect mule for you! She'll ride for anyone. If you know how to ride you can ride her, no matter your age. She is 'husband' & child safe. She'll go straight to a lope from a walk, and once you lope her you will fall in love, her strides are even and smooth. She side passes & backs. She'd be perfect for a ranch mule, kids mule, 'husband' mule, trail mule, etc... anything you want to do you can do with her. She has an amazing personality, they don't get any gentler than her.

$1500 SOLD
2005 Quarter Horse Stallion

Congratulations to Johnson Performance Horses!

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Pokeys Three Kings, or Diesel, is a beautiful  15.2 hand liver chestnut stallion bred and trained by Krchelle. He had 7 reining points with AQHA, 3 points in AQHA for roping. He has a wonderful temperament, you'd never even know he was a stallion! If you can walk you can ride him. If you want a stallion that will work for you it's this boy right here.

$1000 SOLD
2006 Quarter Horse mare

Congratulations to Dave & Rocky of Double J Stables (a riding stables in Mammoth Cave Park).

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Brittany Dreaming, or Remie, is an extremelly gorgeous gray roan mare. Trained & shown by Krchelle. She has 3 reigning points & 4 western pleasure points in AQHA. She is very mild mannered, will do anything thats asked of her. She aint got much speed in her, even though her dam was a champion barrel mare, but what she lacks in speed she makes up for in personality.

$1000 SOLD
2007 Quarter Horse gelding

Congratulations to Corey Mills!

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Dallas is a started roping gelding colt. Trained by Krchelle. Whoever buys him needs to be prepared for a long-term relationship. Dallas has trust issues and is a one person horse. If you become his 'one' though you won't find any other horse that will work harder for you.


$300 SOLD
2006 Quarab mare

Congratulations to Mary Libecco (Mommy)!

If your looking for a easy keeper it's this gal right here. You never see her any skinnier then this picture right here (3 months before she was even bred). It is how she earned her nickname 'Rolley Polley'. When scaling her temperament from 1-10 (1 being calmest) she would be a 0. She is as bomb proof & gentle as they come!

$900 SOLD
2004 Appendix Mare

Congratulations to Kim Goth!

Racing Ginger is AQHA Appendix mare. She was in training for racing as a 2 year old but she lacks the speed needed for the task asked. She'll make an amazing trail mare & she's extremelly bombproof, nothing scares this mare!